The United States Performance Center is a 10,000 square foot performance facility dedicated to elite athlete development, injury prevention, and overall health and wellness located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We, at USPC, offer customized individual performance training programs, scientifically developed to help each individual reach his/her full physical potential.
USPC has a research based training protocol developed in conjunction with motor development models to provide for safe and effective training regardless of age and activity level.

All new clients are assessed prior to training. This information provides the baseline in which individualized programs are formatted to ensure safe and specific development.

Safety is the key to any strength training program. The USPC philosophy on safety is that all athletes should always maintain proper technique with all exercises at all times and with any weight. Keeping our athletes on the field and in the weight room is our top priority.

The goal of every athlete that walks in the doors at USPC is to improve performance. Whether it is increasing strength, gaining weight, or improving a forty yard dash, the coach’s role is the same: motivate and guide the athlete with their best interest in mind. Every day is a new opportunity to get better.


At USPC, our programs are periodized to fit a yearly schedule focused on developing our athletes to be their best when it matters most, in season. We also believe a good nutrition protocol is as important as our strength and speed protocol.

    • Youth Performance Training
    • Middle / High School Performance Training
    • Collegiate Performance Training
    • Elite/Professional Performance Training
    • Sport Specific Speed and Agility Training
    • Adult Training
    • Health and Wellness Training
    • Combine Training