Congratulations Scholar Athlete of the Month, Kyra Hoctor!

Kyra is a figure skater at the Extreme Ice Center. Skating for over 12 years, Kyra recently won third place in the 2014 Regional Championships. Not only is Kyra a great figure skater, she is also an exceptional student. Kyra recently received the Academic Excellence Award and the Principal’s Award. Her passion for school is very noticeable especially when she is talking about science.

Kyra is at the Ice Center 5 days a week, skating and practicing daily, all the while continuing to keep up with her studies. Kyra is also active within the Charlotte community. She volunteers with Camp Care. Camp Care is an ice skating program that teaches youth and adults that are diagnosed with cancer how to skate.

Kyra is dedicated and an inspiration to those around her. Kyra aspires to compete for the U.S. in the upcoming winter Olympic games. We are Kyra’s biggest fans and hope that she can turn her dreams into a reality. Keep up the hard work and studies. Congratulations, Kyra!

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