Cole Davies Football

Congratulations Cole Davies, USPC Scholar Athlete of the Month!

Cole plays football for the Charlotte Catholic Cougara, where he is entering his senior season. Cole’s presence on the gridiron, in the classroom and within the community is prominent. Over this summer Cole volunteered with an organization called Freedom Schools. Freedom Schools is a 6 week program that provides learning experiences and continuing education for lower socioeconomic families and students. Cole volunteered 2-3 times a week with Freedom Schools counseling, chaperoning, and becoming a role model to younger students.

In the classroom, Cole has found a lot of success. He has been listed on the Honor Roll throughout his full high school career and is striving to continue that success into his senior year. Playing defense for a Charlotte Catholic Cougar team that last year was considered as one of the most ferocious units in the state, shows Cole’s ability to adapt to his environment.

The best thing about Cole is he is an all around great kid. He always has a positive attitude and is willing to learn. With continued hard work: in the weight room, on the football field, in the classroom and in the community there is nothing that will stop him from achieving his goals. We are proud to honor Cole’s successes and look for him to do even bigger things in the future.

Congratulations Scholar Athlete of the Month, Cole Davies!

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