• "As I prepare for Division 1 football at the University of Notre Dame, the workouts at USPC have challenged me to become a better overall athlete. Proper technique and injury prevention is my ultimate goal and I feel the coaches have prepared me for my freshman year at Notre Dame. Go Irish!"

    Julian Okwara
    Julian Okwara University of Notre Dame - Football
  • “I have always wanted to play Division 1 football and with the help from USPC I am going to reach this goal. I have received multiple D1 offers and could not have done it without their help. All my strength levels have improved but I am most pleased with the mental edge and confidence that I gained from training at USPC.”

    Jaret Anderson
    Jaret Anderson Charlotte Catholic - Football
  • "Being an Olympic athlete, I love training at such an elite performance center so close to where I live. Technique is very important to me, the coaches are very knowledgeable and always help correct my technique when necessary."

    CASEY EICHFELD 3X International Gold Medalist - Canoe/Kayak
  • "Prior to training at USPC, I had a significant lower body injury that has kept me from my gymnastics competitions for the past 2 years. I committed to compete at the University of Michigan prior to my injury. After surgery, USPC has helped to build back my lower body strength and improved movements skills that are vital to my success as a gymnast."

    Cailee Hills
    Cailee Hills University of Michigan - Gymnastics
  • "USPC is great. I especially enjoy the freedom to workout whenever is convenient for me. My strength levels have never been better."

    JOSH HOLLIFIELD Virginia Military Institute - Baseball
  • "The atmosphere at USPC is amazing. I love coming in and competing against other baseball athletes. I was a starting pitcher for the three time NCISAA state champions Charlotte Christian Knights and will be continuing my dream of playing college baseball this spring, USPC has helped me put on over 15 lbs of muscle in less than 2 months all the while continuing to focus on injury prevention through an amazing offseason baseball protocol."

    Jackson Kowar
    Jackson Kowar University of Florida - Baseball
  • "I have been preparing all my life to play collegiate baseball and with the help of USPC I recently committed to play at Wingate University. I enjoy the USPC programming which incorporates all phases of performance training. I have never been faster."

    McCann Mellett
    McCann Mellett Wingate University - Baseball
  • "USPC has helped me improve my weaknesses. My speed, agility, and power output have all improved since training at USPC. I love the individualized workouts catered to my goals as a collegiate football player."

    TJ OLSEN Catawba College - Football
  • "A baseball player will fail, on average, 7 out of 10 times so it is very important to be mentally tough. USPC preaches both the physical and mental side of preparation. They have coaches that have helped me to breakdown personal barriers I otherwise thought were not possible. I am also on a great nutrition program that has allowed my to add lean muscle mass while still being fast and agile."

    Nick Owens
    Nick Owens Saint Johns Rivers - Baseball
  • "USPC has helped me prepare for my Freshman Volleyball year at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to training at USPC at times I was not confident in my athletic ability. They have worked to perfect my technique with the Olympic lifts and have taught me to become an explosive athlete, which is critical to being a great volleyball player. Not only did I play a lot as a Freshman at Johns Hopkins but now going into my Sophomore season a leader and starter at the middle position."

    Mereze Visagie
    Mereze Visagie Johns Hopkins University - Volleyball